One million children join a Buddhist annual mediation event called V-star Change the World at the Phra Dhammakaya temple near Bangkok. They believe that when all of these children meditate together for a whole day, it will help to change the world.

What Is the V-Star Change the World Event

The V star children’s project is an event where children wish good for the world and meditate for its well-being. It happens once a year and when it does, these children come together in prayer and meditation, hoping to heal the scars that humanity has inflicted on Mother Earth.

The first event was held in 2008 and it was part of the World Morality Revival project that had been initiated by the abbot of the Wat Phra Dhammakaya Buddhist Temple, Luang Phor Dhammachayo. They have continued to do it traditionally every year since.

These children come from 7,000 schools in Thailand and a number of other parts of the world. The abbot’s objective was for school children to come together and support one another by sharing with each other the good deeds that they do daily.

How beautiful is it that they all come from different places, to this one temple, t take part in this program, all with the desire to invoke world peace? The way they see ut, the more children there are together sending positive vibrations into the universe, the bigger the impact will be and the more tha world will benefit.

How Is Meditation Powerful In Achieving Things

Spiritually speaking, it can unlock one’s full potential by dissolving the ego. According to certain schools of Buddhism and several spiritual theories, it is believed that there is a special vital life force flowing through every one of us and meditation awakens this life force.

Scientifically speaking, they have discovered that when we meditate, it increases the electromagnetic energy that the human body generates. As a result of this, it improves the function of our bodies. Furthermore, meditation is a powerful medium that teaches us how to tap into our inner selves and thus be more at peace with ourselves.

Also, since everything is made up of electromagnetic energy, then it could be safe to say that a huge group or gathering could easily give off positive vibes in a mass meditation event.

The Critics Are Wrong

Some cynics and critics believe that this event is linked to a cult mentality and say that it can achieve nothing. These kinds of people are crazy because… why can’t it? How could this be a bad thing? It is bringing the future leaders and people of the world together to think positively and wish good out to everything and everyone. There is nothing wrong with that.

Children are the future. Instilling them with good morals and values to become positive and responsible adults is a very good thing to do. Also, the future is for our children and they are the best hope we have. By helping them learn meditation, we induce a positive way of thought that will benefit them both physically and mentally. That will, in turn, benefit the world at large.