The things everyone tells you to do when you are trying to lose weight are exercise and eating healthy. However, while you are technically losing weight, you do not have a completely healthy lifestyle. Having a healthy lifestyle takes a lot of work, but the results are amazing. It is a constant grind from when you wake up to when you go to sleep at night.

The following morning habits that we have gathered for you will be able to show you what you might be doing wrong.


First and foremost, oversleeping is a really bad thing that anyone can do. While sleeping is an essential part of our lives, not sleeping enough is just as bad as oversleeping. Additionally, too much sleeping is linked to heart disease and diabetes and other conditions. Another thing worth mentioning is that if you overslept, you will probably miss your breakfast, which is the most important meal of the day.

Skipping Breakfast

Following up on the above text, missing your breakfast is bad, since you are violating your metabolism. Having breakfast increases your energy levels in the morning and throughout your day, while also stabilizing your sugar levels. Breakfast also helps you in regulating your low cortisol levels, meaning that you are less stressful since cortisol is the stress hormone. Based on research, cortisol elvels are at their peak once you wake up, since your body is reactivating and prevent the blood sugar levels to go too low. Additionally, if you have breakfast, you will not feel hungry until later in the day, so less calories for you.

Skipping the Scale

This is a thing that most people do, but keeping your weight in check or lowering it is a great motivational “speech”. To properly use the scale, weigh yourself as soon as you wake up after using the bathroom. Track your weight or keep a journal and try to notice if you have any patterns, as that might reveal some clue.

Not Stretching

This falls in the exercise category, but it is a really useful thing to do. Stretch in the morning to loosen up your muscles and prepare your body for the day ahead. Spend some time in the morning after you’ve woken up to do some light stretches and give yourself a little boost.

Getting Ready In the Dark

When the sun is going down and night is coming, this is a sign to start preparing to hit the sack. The natural light of the night is like a signal to the body to start preparing for bed, as dictated by our circadian rhythm. 

Checking Email First Thing

Do not reach over for your phone as soon as you wake up. This is an extremely bad habit that, unfortunately, most of us are doing. If you check your phone and start reading on some emails from work or social media notifications, then you are losing important time that can be much better spent.

Choosing an Uncomfortable Outfit

Dressing up neat and tidy for work is completely fine but don’t spend too much time in your closet. If losing weight is what you are trying to do, choose a lighter outfit, as skirts and suits and high heels can be a pain when going up or down the stairs. There is nothing wrong with going in your jeans and a shirt to work.

Filling Up On the Wrong Carbs

Having some carbs for breakfast is a simple way to bulk up your meal, as it will keep you from getting hungry for longer. However, don’t overdo it on the carbs, as you might get some cravings later in the day.

Try to eat carbs in a healthy way, such as so chocolate milk, oats, sprouted bread, apples, blueberries, Greek yogurt, bananas, mango, etc.

Skipping Meditation

Something we all know about, but none of us do is meditation. Simple deep breaths and some music can help to reduce the stress levels and keep your blood pressure in check. High stress levels are linked to an increased appetite and gaining weight.

Ignoring a Morning Cup of Water

Try to make it a habit of drinking a cold glass of water in the morning. That glass of water you drink in the morning will help to kick start your body as it will wake up the organs. It will also fill you up and give you some energy, while also keeping your belly full for longer.