A great deal of parents will all agree that one of the most difficult parts in a person’s life is parenthood. What is right and what is wrong is suggested in a number of controversial topics, since every person has a different view on the matter.

According to pediatricians, a mother letting her child sleep with her in the same bed until the age of three is probably the best thing to do.

There have been studies that have shown that when the mother and child sleep together can lead to sudden infant death, however, this has been debunked with the newest evidence that actually shows the complete opposite and exactly pinpoints the true causes of death. According to Dr. James McKenna, PhD. from the University of Notre Dame, the mortality rate is significantly lower in mother who are sleeping with their baby.

Also, factors such as big pillows, toxic fumes, alcohol, cigarettes and dangerous toys are the main reason for infant death during sleep time, according to scientists.

There are a good deal of advantages both for the mother and the baby that are sleeping together. First thing to note is that it improves the sleep time and quality for the mothers, since they will not be bothered to get out of bed and having to walk over to the crib or a different room to feed the baby. This makes breastfeeding much easier and simpler and the mother will have a constant watch over the baby during the entire night.

Babies that are separated from the mother during sleep are more likely to experience nightmares and anxiety. Thus, both of these factors are greatly reduced when the baby is safely sleeping next to its mother.

The movement, smell and the soft and warm touch of the mother greatly contributes to the sense of security and confidence of the baby. The connection that is established and built up during the night will have a great effect on the future behavior of the baby as well as its development.

This is all thanks to the mother sharing her bed with the baby, as it will also reduce the stress levels, improve the cardiovascular health and improve the immunity, all in one!