Sometimes, we come across some stories that make us realize just how little we actually need in order to survive in this world. A clean supply of drinking water, food to eat and a lung full of oxygen are enough for survival.

Today we will learn about a person who will once again remind us that these few things are more important in life than money and success.

This is a story of Nagasaki from the land of Buddha, Japan. The 82 year old man secluded himself from all earthly desires and had spent almost 29 years of his life on a deserted island.

In the video down below, a photographer spent a few days with this old man. When the Japan authorities came to know about this man, they removed him from the island so that he could get some medical help.

After the old man recovered, he was not allowed to go back to the island. The photographer witnessed the last few days of a 29 year long endeavor.

The video clearly shows us how the old man spent 29 years of his life on the island. The man standing at the dusk of his life looked very pale and thin, but there was a glow in his eyes which was telling us just how satisfied he was with the way he lived.

The only wish he had was to breathe his last breath on the island. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but he once again shows us how little we need to be happy and have a peaceful life. Officially, he has been declared as the longest lasting Robinson Crusoe.

The idea of removing the old man from the island was probably a correct decision, but a question still remains.

The question is how would have he adjusted to a new life among others in this competitive and materialistic world? Would it not have been hard for him to breathe that polluted air where people hurt each other for money or success?