Foods we consume are digested with enzymes and hormones of the endocrine system. The sodium bicarbonate is made in our kidneys and with the pancreas it dissolves food. Kidneys are being kept safe from the sodium of the pancreas. If case your diet contains sugars, fried foods or fats the pancreas and kidneys will make less sodium due to overwork.

Low bicarbonate or metabolic acidosis are the reasons for kidney diseases. In case we are lack of this item, we can’t produce acids neutral and this damages organs and kidneys. UK experts of Royal Hospital London said back in 2009 that the bicarbonate stops kidney problems.

Magdi Yaqoob (nephrology professor and the director of Renal medicine and transplantation department) said that an item as a baking soda is healthy if it is used in the right way.

Repair Your Kidneys now

Put one tea spoon baking soda under your tongue.
Also get a half tea spoon of soda and half of tea spoon sea salt for 1.5 l water daily. Maintain this for 3 days.
After that, reduce the dosage to one fourth tea spoon baking soda and one third tea spoon salt.

This is not fit for everybody. This is powdered for and can trouble your stomach and it may cause nausea. But it is not toxic and everybody can try this and ignore nausea. This will keep kidneys and endocrine health well.


In order to fix the damage of the kidneys, remove sugars, fats and unhealthy habits, salt, tea. Also moderately eat protein on a daily bases and avoid overload in kidneys. Consume B complex foods, fiber, grains, fruits and vegetables.