Did you know toothpaste can help heal a bruise? This is just one of the many unusual home remedies using toothpaste that bloggers talk about.

Heal a bruise. How does this work? Just apply some toothpaste on the wound with a q tip, wrap it up with a bandage and you are good to go.

Treat acne. Reader’s Digest says dabbing non whitening toothpaste (no gels!) on a pimple in the evening will dry up the zit by the next morning.

Shine silver and brass. You might be surprised to learn that toothpaste has applications outside the body. It can also be used to shine and buff silver and brass, according to Coupon Sherpa.

Clean a bathroom sink. Toothpaste functions as a natural abrasive and deodorizer and therefore works wonders on bathroom sinks.

Deodorize hands. If you’ve been cutting garlic or handling fish, you may feel desperate to rid your hands of those nasty smells.

Soothe a bug bite. Itchy from that nasty bug bite? We know the feeling too well. The following home remedy works for all sorts of skin ailments, from sores to blisters. Apply the toothpaste on the area, as the menthol will provide cooling for the itching. The bleach in the toothpaste will reduce the redness of the bite and the hydrogen peroxide in the toothpaste will disinfect the bite.

Clean fingernails. If it works for your teeth, it should work for your nails too, right?

Make scuffs disappear. Apply a drop of toothpaste on the scruff and just scrub it off with a cloth.