Lemons are a great source of minerals, vitamins A, B and C, pectin, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, etc.

Due to that fact, many scientists and researchers are recommending to drink warm water and lemon every morning before breakfast for your own health and well-being. Instead of using artificial and unhealthy sweeteners, use honey.

10 Fantastic Benefits of Consuming Lemon:

1. Improves digestion since the lemon has the ability to stimulate the secretion of bile. Consumption of lemon releases the body from toxins and prevents digestive problems.

2. The lemon helps in weight loss because it contains pectin, fibers and reduces the appetite. The combination of lemon with warm water and honey puts alkaline in the stomach and accelerates the process of burning fat.

3. A glass of warm water with cloves of lemon before breakfast cleanses the blood and improves skin regeneration.

4. Regular consumption of lemon strengthens the immune system and protects us against colds and flu (due to the high amount of vitamin C).

5. Lemon destroys bacteria in the mouth that cause bad breath.

6. A glass of warm water and lemon regulates pH and reduces the risk of inflammation.

7. Due to the presence of vitamins C and B complex, phosphorus and protein, it refreshes the body and gives it energy.

8. Due to antibacterial action it is excellent in treating sore throats, infections and inflammation of the tonsils.

9. Lemon maintains hydration, and due to potassium it has the ability to reduce stress, increase mental activity and reduce blood pressure.

10. Natural diuretic (stimulates alteration), thus cleansing the urinary system from the bacteria and regulating the pH value.